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How the COVID-19 19 Pandemic has helped me redefine motherhood.

My experience of motherhood is one I had tried to deny. The representations of mothers portrayed in the media were not always positive or exciting, because of this I failed to appreciate the power of women hood and motherhood.

I became a mother at the age of 22, and I can remember feeling angry – why didn’t anyone warn me of the realities? Why didn’t anyone explain to me that when you birth a child, you also birth yourself into motherhood.

No one explained to me about the emotional impact…

Our greatest fear is that those fears stop us from reaching, achieving and believing in ourselves and our abilities.

Our greatest fear is that we live the comfortable life and never know the essence of who weare.

Our greatest fear is that we live a life of going through the motions, never feeling true joy or meaning.

Our greatest fear is that we live our lives in the confines of the box that we have placed ourselves in. Never to break free or transform.

Our greatest fear is getting to the end of our lives and having nothing and no…

Finding Happiness by Learning to Trust.

Striving for the elusive feeling of “happiness”. We say the word a lot and expect to feel happy a lot, but what does your version of happy look like? There are books written on happiness, courses on happiness, but do we know what really makes us happy? Happiness is like an elusive enigma that we are ultimately trying to achieve with our goals and actions. Striving for happiness has become our cultural norm, even if we may not recognise it.

If I dig down deep enough into the goals that clients want coaching for,……


Life and performance coach - host of So... that got me thinking Podcast.

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